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Juice Cleanse

The work is done for you! OTG3 will deliver straight to your door a juice cleanse experience that will gently cleanse and heal your body without the harsh “detox symptoms associated with other cleanses.  OTG3 is a nutritional cleanse that will nourish your body without deprivation! A complete juice cleanse system of freshly pressed, raw fruit, vegetable, and vegan protein nut juices are the perfect way to slowly restore your balance, boost nutritional intake and rid of toxins!  A Juice cleanse is designed to support the body’s daily functions by providing an abundance of water, carbohydrates, amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals, and antioxidants, while allowing the digestive system to rest and rejuvenate.  A juice cleanse will easily assimilate into the bloodstream, decreasing the strain put on the digestive system during normal eating.  And unlike many other juice cleanses, you aren’t starving yourself!  It takes only 15 minutes for your body to feel the effects of our hydraulically fresh-pressed cleanse juices.  Kick-start metabolism, boost your energy and arm your immune system with powerful antioxidants that allow your digestive system to take an OTG3 break. 

Juice Cleanses

You replace solid foods with the juice cleanse but still provide your body the basics to rev up the rid of undigested toxins. Another great benefit of a juice cleanse is the assurance you are getting the required 5-9 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables.  And with OTG3 juice cleanses systems, you are getting so much more than that!  Your juice cleanse system includes a meal plan and workout guide for the perfect kick-start to reset your body, eat cleaner and get fit with  for the ultimate transformation from the inside out!

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